Who Am I?

As with anyone, this is a complicated question to answer. Am I who I am as defined by my relationships? Am I defined by my work, paid or unpaid? Am I defined by my religious beliefs? I could go on, and the truth is a part of me is defined by each of those things, but I am the sum, and more, of those parts. Who I am is constantly evolving, but I am. That’s it. I am. That is all you need to know about me to know that I am important, as are you. My existence serves a purpose that I may not always understand, but that purpose is there whether I recognize it or not.

The legacy I hope to leave behind, which I think is the most important part of defining my journey through life, is that anyone who has met me will walk away better for it. That doesn’t mean I have to change everyone’s life in amazing ways. It means treating everyone with kindness, loving even those it is hardest to, and just spreading positive energy and acceptance.


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